The OH! Shot

Treatment Description
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  • March 24, 2024

The OH! Shot

Female PRFM rejuvenation uses your body’s own platelets, to rejuvenate your erogenous areas and sexual function. The OH! Shot treats female sexual disorders involving arousal, climaxing and low sexual desire.

The OH! Shot is a revolutionary vaginal rejuvenating treatment. The OH! Shot uses growth factors from blood plasma to alleviate stress incontinence, dryness, and sexual dysfunction (such as difficulty reaching orgasm). This safe, nonsurgical procedure utilizes growth factors from your own body to stimulate vaginal and clitoral rejuvenation and activate the “Orgasm System.” OH! Shot recipients report having increased arousal, more lubrication, and intensified orgasms. Women who experience inability or difficulty orgasming or have a low sex drive may be candidates for the OH! Shot.

The OH-Shot procedure begins with a numbing agent applied to the injection sites. Then blood is drawn from the arm and placed into a centrifuge to separate PRFM from the red blood cells. Dr. Tanne then uses a tiny needle to inject the PRFM in the labia, clitoris, and G-Spot (Grafenberg spot). Treatment is done with precision and care, ensuring that there is virtually no pain or downtime, only outstanding results. Treatment takes approximately 45 minutes with little to no discomfort. After treatment you should not engage in any workouts, sexual intercourse or strenuous activity for 3 days.

To help prevent bruising stop taking aspirin and fish oil supplements one week before your appointment. Also, 3-4 days before treatment stop taking any vitamin E supplements, Advil, Aleve, Motrin and other nsaid’s. You may take Tylenol if needed.

Results from the OH! Shot include:
• more frequent and longer orgasms
• increased sexual desire
• increased natural lubrication
• greater arousal from both vaginal and clitoral stimulation
• stronger, more frequent orgasms
• improves urinary incontinence

A series of 3 treatments is recommended, spaced 4 – 8 weeks apart. We recommend an interval of 6 weeks between treatments.