PDO Threadlift

Treatment Description

PDO Threadlift

A thread lift is a technique for non-surgical facial rejuvenation using polydioxanone (PDO) surgical sutures inserted under the skin to provide a smoothing and lifting effect in the face, jawline, neck, forehead, under-eyes and several other areas. Some have called the thread lift procedure a “lunchtime facelift” because it is quick, particularly compared to a surgical facelift, with minimal downtime.

Miracu PDO threads are FDA-cleared absorbable surgical sutures. They are designed to grasp the skin along their length, resulting in a more elevated, toned appearance when correctly placed, particularly around the lower face and jowls. As the threads are absorbed in the months after the procedure, they also cause an increase in collagen development, which your body produces naturally. The new collagen can enhance the firmness of your skin for up to a year.


A local anesthetic is used before the placement of threads, making this a comfortable treatment for patients. The PDO threads are inserted under the skin providing you with immediate lift or volume.

After placement of the threads there may be some swelling, puckering, or dimpling of the skin for the first few days, which resolves on its own. Post treatment care and follow-up will be discussed.

The threads dissolve naturally over the course of several months synthesizing new collagen and elastin production in the treated area. The result is a nonsurgical lift with little to no downtime, generally lasting 12 months or more. Most procedures take less than one hour.

There are several types of PDO thread techniques used to achieve different results. A personal consultation with Dr. Tanne is the best way to decide how to treat your unique needs.

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