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The outward signs of getting older often affect the way we see ourselves. It is possible to overcome the telltale signs of aging and regain our youthful complexion with the use of neuromodulators. At Plush.MD we offer both Dysport and Xeomin treatments. According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, “neuromodulator treatments are the most popular single cosmetic procedure in the U.S.”

Neuromodulator injections work by relaxing the muscles that contract and cause wrinkles, helping reduce fine lines and wrinkles in the facial area caused by smiling, frowning, and other facial movements. They act by blocking the release of chemicals that cause these muscle contractions, so frown lines are softened.

“I consider neuromodulators to be a sculpting tool. When injected precisely, I can lift the tail of the eyebrow, turn up the corners of the mouth and much more.” Patients achieve skin that is smoother, tighter, and more youthful looking. The most commonly used neuromodulators include Dysport, Xeomin, and Botox. Although each formula differs slightly, they all work in approximately the same way.

Dysport has the advantage of delivering superfast results. Patients will see a difference in the area treated within one to three days, but the effects of therapy will become more and more evident over the next week as wrinkle lines continue to fade.

Xeomin and Botox are almost identical. Botox works by blocking the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscle, which causes the muscle to temporarily relax. By relaxing the muscles that create muscle contractions, their ability to make wrinkles is lessened.

Xeomin can achieve the same results that Botox gets — only without unneeded additives. Often referred to as Pure-Tox or Smart-Tox, Xeomin’s lack of additives means that patients won’t build up a tolerance to it. Xeomin’s purified state means that it may be an ideal choice for those who have grown desensitized to Botox.

Patients who treat with Xeomin or Botox usually see results in three to five days. Rarely it may take up to 14 days to see full results.

All of these neuromodulator treatments lasts for three to four months. Patients who repeat the treatments every few months over a period of time typically see longer-lasting results.

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