better than botox

the wrinkle releasers

xeomin - $11.99 per unit / dysport - $11.99 per 3 units

Smooth out movement wrinkles on the forehead, brows, eyes and frown lines. Lift your brows and get that “vacationed look” without leaving home.

plush baby “tox”

20 units xeomin or 60 units dysport - $239.80

Just a little bit for a natural refreshed look. Our minimum treatment will soften the lines you are beginning to see.

beat the heat with plush

Xeomin underarm sweat reduction - $1100

Minimize and control unwanted armpit sweat. Results last about 6 months.

the plush experience - $2275

50 units of xeomin or 150 units dysport
1 Syringe of radiesse
1 Syringes of either restylane refyne or defyne
1 Syringe of either restylane, restylane silk or restylane lyft