Xeomin and Dysport faq’s

the wrinkle releasers
Smooth out movement wrinkles on the forehead, brows, eyes and frown lines. Lift your brows and get that “vacationed look” without leaving home.

Whether you choose to treat several areas to get optimum results or do the “just a little bit” plush baby “tox”, the natural looking results will leave you looking smoother and more relaxed.

For excessive underarm sweating, nothing beats the results of our “beat the heat” treatment. Results are dramatic and last for 6 month!

is there anything I should do before treatment?

Yes! The same precautions give for filler treatment apply to Xeomin and Dysport treatment. These are meant to reduce the chance of bruising. Avoidance of aspirin, fish oil and vitamin E supplements, advil, aleve, motrin and other nsaid’s greatly reduce the chance of any bruising.

what happens during the treatment?

After careful assessment by Dr. Tanne, the areas to be treated are injected with very small amounts of medication using an eyelash size needle. You may see tiny bumps at these injection sites, but they will go away in a few minutes.

when Will I See Results?

Depending on which medication is used, your results will become noticeable in 3 – 10 days.

is there anything I need to avoid after treatment?

Do not lay down for 3 to 4 hours and wait 24 hours to work out or to get a massage. You may resume all other activities and your normal skin care routine that day.

are there any side effects that are normal?

Headaches happen after about 10% of injections and are completely normal. You may take Tylenol at any time. Bruising is rare but can happen. It will resolve by itself and is less likely if you avoid the medications listed above.

think you need a bit more?

We want you to come back and see us for a complimentary follow-up visit 2 weeks after your treatment. At that time, we will re-photograph you and compare your photos to the ones taken before your treatment. We want you to be completely thrilled with your result, which sometimes requires a few additional units to get it “just right”.

love your results?

Why not take a selfie at our “selfie station” after your follow-up visit? We love it when our clients share their new fantastic results on social media!