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Better Than Botox

The Neuromodulators

Are you beginning to notice the early signs of aging on your face? Do you see "frown lines" between your eyebrows, horizontal forehead creases, or perhaps "crow's feet" radiating from the corners of your eyes? The outward signs of getting older often affect the way we see ourselves.

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It is possible to overcome the telltale signs of aging and regain our youthful complexion with the use of neuromodulators.

At Plush.MD we offer both Dysport and Xeomin treatments. According to the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, “neuromodulator treatments are the most popular single cosmetic procedure in the U.S.”



The face is often the first place to display signs of aging with the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging as the skin overlying facial muscles lose its elasticity with repeated motion.

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Often referred to as the “Pure-Tox”, Xeomin is the only neuromodulator with a double-filtered formula that removes unnecessary proteins. Xeomin works very similarly to Botox.

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“I consider neuromodulators to be a sculpting tool. When injected precisely, I can lift the tail of the eyebrow, turn up the corners of the mouth and much more. I can help turn back the clock on your skin for a youthful aesthetic!”

--Dr. Tanne

Nefertiti Lift

A Nefertiti Lift (named after the ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, who was renowned for her beautiful, elongated neckline), is a non-invasive neck lift treatment that uses Botox, Dysport or Xeomin to relax the neck muscle, creating a longer, thinner-looking neck.

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Hyperhidrosis Treatment

Neuromodulators are safely and effectively used to treat hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Sweating is the body’s natural cooling mechanism. But when the body produces more sweat than is necessary to cool the body, this may be an indicator of a condition called hyperhidrosis.

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Botox Lip Flip

A few units of Dysport or Xeomin are precisely placed along the upper lip to relax and "flip" the lip to make more of the upper lip visible. This creates a fuller, plumper, but natural-appearing upper lip. The lip flip gives the illusion of fuller lips without increasing volume. The lip flip can also be used to accentuate the results of your lip filler, either in a combined procedure or as a touch-up. The results are subtle and highly personalized, looking less "I've had something done" and more "I woke up like this."

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